Dog keeps panting not hot or thirsty

Usually when dogs display an exaggerated sort of panting when they are neither hot nor thirsty, it is a sign of stress. 

Panting is also an extremely common sign of anxiety; just like humans with anxiety often experience heavy or labored breathing during an anxiety spike. 

It could be caused by anything from major changes in their lifestyle, a genetic trait or even the household atmosphere.

Try first by monitoring the circumstances under which your dog does this, is it when you have your family over, when you have visitors, in the presence of other dogs, around men, or around children. 

Sometimes, dog get set off by things you least expected, some dogs will freak out just watching wrestling on T.V and turns to demonstrate this by panting heavily. 

Another thing you will see dogs stress about is appliances like the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, washing machine, blender, or even someone chopping something that makes a loud noise.

So when your dog starts panting excessively when not hot or thirsty, check if the dog is looking at something when panting.

If it is just random, a veterinary behaviorist might be able to determine a cause, whether that cause is environmental or neurological. 

If you don't have the resources to go that route, you could bring out the crate or place a bed in a quiet, tucked-away chubby of the house (like a pantry or a closet). 

Playing crate games and capturing calmness exercises will help your dog to associate the spot with relaxation and safety. 

Then you can start directing your dog to that spot when he seems to be getting a bit overwhelmed. 

It might help your dog to chill out a little faster, especially as the dog picks up on the fact that he can start showing himself to his 'hidey-hole' once he starts to get a bit anxious.

When is Dog Panting Abnormal?

Dog panting is abnormal when it occurs for reason other than heat, when it is excessively loud compare their other dogs and when it occurs when the dog is not hot. 

There are several other reasons for abnormal panting such as Anxiety, fear and excitement, pain, fever and weight gain.  

To know other reason check out pet health network.  


The normal dog temperature is 38 to 39 degree Celsius; with such a temperature it will be hard to determine whether your dog is feverish. 

Since canine don’t speak like humans there are symptoms to determine whether your dog is feverish. These are shivering, vomiting, loss of appetite, coughing and nasal discharge.   


This fever can be cause by infectious bacteria or from consuming toxic products. 


Check if your dog’s temperature is above 40 degree, if so then apply cool water to the dog’s fur and stop once you notice the temperature is around 39 degrees. 

I strongly advice you don't administer any human prescriptions for fever to your dog. Make sure to give your dog drinks water regularly for dehydration.   


Excessive panting in dogs is sometime cause by weight gain by the dogs and this is predominant with older dogs. 

To solve this, your dog have to start losing some weight. Here are some top 10 tips to help your dog loss weight.

Anxiety, Fear or Excitement

For you to determine when your dog is relax, you need to know what your dogs look is when his calm. 

Does he has gluing eyes when relax? Or what’s your dog's general body language when interacting with someone. 

Your dog’s body language can convey a message which you can use to know if the dog is stress or excite. 


Check if your dog urinates submissively, barks and chase at every moving thing especially other dogs, and shows excitement towards visitors etc. 


Check out this amazing article that explains in details how to solve anxiety, fear or excitement. 

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Dog panting without exercise

Dogs pant primarily to cool off, not to supply their body with extra oxygen that it needs. 

This means that when dogs pant, they don't need to take deep breaths the same way we do. 

They are taking breaths that are just deep enough to circulate the air around their tongue/in their mouth and cool them off.

Therefore, this is a situation that requires a vet visit. If your dog pants without exercise, it may be a disorder or a disease. 

Also have your dog’s heart listen in particular, and maybe do a radio-graph just to ensure that everything is okay. Panting without any obvious cause immediately should makes you worry about a heart condition.

Old dog panting and restless

The restlessness at night may be a symptom of canine dementia. This restlessness leads to stress which equally results to excessive panting.

If the old dog is overweight try getting some weigh off the dog through exercises because excess panting is common with overweight dogs. 

Follow these 10 tips so your dog can loss some weight 

I will also advise you get some calming dog biscuit recipe for old dogs 

Dog pants excessive during thunderstorm

Your dog is just being scared of thunderstorms and you are worried sick on how to comfort your dog, well don’t! 

This may sound odd but if you keep trying to calm down your dog with comfort, then you keep telling the dog there is something to be scared of. 

What I will recommend you do is to buy your dog a thundershirt – this is a great dog anxiety vest and has worked well for me and many as a better calming solution and it is available in all sizes. 

I don’t spend time calming my dog any more I put on the thundershirt when the rain is about to fall and I go do other things and worry less. 

You can also put it on when new people come over if you have a dog that tends to be nervous to strangers.

Try and distract your dog with a treat, and reward subsequent good behavior (calmness) with another until the dog settles down. 

Don't just toss treats at your dog when his going crazy though, as that will teach the dog its OK to bark at the thunder. 

Treats help to distract the dog from the initial panic, get your dog to do a trick or two to distract the dog further and reward the tricks. 

Another great stuff I research on which may not stop the dog anxiety but may help if your dog’s pacing is the waist trimmer. Just wrap the waist trimmer around the dog’s waist.  

Surprising ways to calm down a panting dog

Physical exercise 

Is your dog getting enough exercise? Your dog could be stressed/anxious because he/she has pent up energy. 

Some breed are not meant to be stay at home dogs, your dogs panting behavior may just be associated to not  getting enough exercise. 

Just imagine you have a herding breed like an ACD with all the energy they got just sitting there!

Use mental stimulation 

This can often tire a dog more than physical exercise. Especially with a smart breed I wrote an article on different kind of mental stimulating toys, Check it out, one may fit your needs.

Aside from the mental stimulation and exercise, I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to let it stress you out. Ignore the dog when he/she starts doing this. 

When your dog stops, praise and pet the dog calmly. 

The idea here is you want your dog to be relaxed so don’t get all excited in your praise, but in a nice, soothing voice, tell the dog what a good dog he/she is and give the dog lots of pets. 

I’m not a professional, but this has been the thing that has worked for me with helping foster dogs settle in.

Image by SnapwireSnaps from Pixabay