Yes you can. But most dog sledding companies will have you sign a waiver stating that you understand the risk of dog sledding while being pregnant. 

Know that dog sledding is a physical sport and you need to have the mobility in order to engage in the sport safely therefore you need to understand there is risk if an accidents occurs. 

Such a waiver looks like this: 

Courtesy of Tripadvisor. 

From this waiver, you can now understand what you are getting into.

But in cases where you are heavily pregnant, I seriously doubt if a legitimate dog sled company will let you sled. 

Since we can predict the future, I seriously advise you don’t engage in dog sledding when heavily pregnant like say 6 months and above. 

Is dog sledding bumpy?

Dog sledding ride is not very bumpy, but every ride can unveil unforeseen surprises for example you may sit on a very uncomfortable sled for a long distance which may result to pain. 

That’s while I will recommend you take short rides especially pregnant women. 

Also know that the ride may be bumpy as a result of lot of fresh snow on the trail covering frozen snow beneath making the trail to be a little bit bumpy in most cases.  

Here is what you may risk sledding when pregnant 

Risk Bumpy conditions when dog sledding

You never may know, snow may look smooth and soft in the eyes, but when sledding on it, the conditions may just be like traveling on a bumpy road with lots of pot holes. 

These bumpy conditions will affect the mother and baby’s physical well being and will quite often leads to backaches.   

Extreme cold condition can affect an unborn child

Snow conditions can change quickly any time especially when sledding in back country areas.  This extreme weather conditions isn’t ideal for the mother and bay. 

In fact, Researchers have found that extreme cold weather conditions increases risk of have a baby with low birth weight even if the baby is not born prematurely. 

I prefer you go in for an alternative to sledding such as horse drawn sleigh rides. 

Snowmobiling while pregnant

If you are still at your early stages of pregnancy let say 3 month and below, then snowmobiling while pregnant is okay at this stage your baby is still protected by the pelvic bone, abdomen, placenta and amniotic sac. 

Your only concern should be that you don’t fall off. Very few snowmobile adventure companies will allow pregnant women. 

Snowmobiling also depends on the trail, if you are going on a groom trail that totally fine but for back country trail, the terrain is rough and so that a no for me. 

Dog sledding tips for beginner 

As a beginner I wouldn’t recommend you driving the sled yourself though it will be a unique experience. 

It will be of your best interest if you sled with a guide because sledding by yourself will require you concentrate a lot and of course being your first time you won’t have the opportunity to take those amazing photos/videos you would have wish for.  

In order to feel safe, happy and relax when taking photos or videos, I will recommend you leave the sled driving to the professional. 

What to wear on dog sledding

These are some important things you absolutely need to add in your pack: long sleeve shirt , snowboard boots, rain coat, ski jacket, water proof gloves, ski or water proof outer pants and one other thing most people leave , sunglasses because cloudy weather also requires some shade at least. 

These are just some of the stuffs you need to pack as you go on your adventure. 

But remember that when you are sledding, you need to be comfortable for the whole purpose for the sled is to make you happy.  For more information on this check out.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should skip out fun activities, when going on a dog sledding adventure, just remember to leave the sled to a professional to drive for safety, go only on short distances and avoid back country trail at all cost. 

Hope this was helpful. What do you have in mind!